Unfortunately this is the film I see every time my parents friends come to visit with their younger children, because it’s one of the only films in our house that is a PG that every wants to watch (apart from me). Consequently I have seen it sixteen times, so I will try not to make the review biased!

Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is talented at voice acting but struggling to keep jobs because of his principles. He has three children- Lydia (Lisa Jakub), Chris (Matthew Lawrence) and Natalie (Mara Wilson) and a hard-working and successful wife, Miranda (Sally Field). They live in a huge house, which was paid for and decorated by Miranda (who is an interior designer), and seem very happy.

Miranda, however, has grown tired of having to arrive back from a hard day and clean up all the mess that Daniel was made in the house. He loves his children so much that he would give them anything, and that is what breaks the family up. On Chris’s birthday he has been banned from having a party by Miranda, owing to his bad report card. Daniel decides to throw one for him while Miranda is at work, but it gets to noisy and out of hand and a neighbour calls Miranda at work. She arrives back to find a zoo invading her house and goats eating her plants, the house full of food, noise, animals and children, a policeman outside, and Daniel dancing with Chris on the table.

Realising that she will have to clear the mess up and being furious at his irresponsibility, she arranges a divorce, and gains almost full custody of the children. Daniel is determined to get them back, and will do anything. This is when he comes up with his plan…


Mrs Doubtfire was one of the most funny films I have ever seen. My friends and I were laughing all the time. it is great for entertaining younger children and for family watching, and good for when you’re tired and want something easy to watch. If you like comedies it is a must-see. The bad thing about it was that with my favourite films I don’t mind watching them over and over and will always see something in them, whereas with this one there is really nothing below the surface. When I first saw it I loved it… now it’s getting old. I would really recommend it though.

Genre: Realistic / comedy

Estimated watching age: Six and up

Price on Amazon: £2.99 for normal DVD, no Blu-Ray

Director: Chris Columbus

Film certificate: PG

Names of the people who play the main characters: Robin Williams, Pierce Brosnan, Sally Field

Other YouTube links: Hard to find, if you are interested and/or you like the movie, look them up.

Rating: ★★★★ Very funny, good for younger kids too, good sleepover material…