I went to see BDP2 on the 17th with my best friends, just one day after it came out. We’d been looking forward to it for months… actually for about a year, since we had realised that since it was the last Twilight film we would ever be able to see together in a cinema.

In BDP1, Bella nearly dies giving birth to her half human half vampire child Renesmee, daughter to vampire Edward Cullen. Just as her heart fails, Edward changes her into a vampire.

In BDP2, Bella starts her new life as a newborn vampire with two special talents- self control and a shield that she can stretch to protect other people as well as herself against vampire powers. Renesmee is growing at an accelerated rate and all the Cullens are worried that she is going to continue to. She is measured every day. There is also the problem that Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee and Bella thinks that it’s wrong.

Irina, a friend of the Cullens turned foe because her mate was killed by the Cullen’s friends the werewolves, and sees Renesmee (or Nessie, as Jacob calls her). She mistakenly thinks that Renesmee is a human child who has been bitten and transformed into a vampire by the Cullens, which the Volturi (vampire royalty) have made illegal owing to the damage that vampire  (or immortal) children have done in the past.

Irina reports it to the Volturi, as her own mother was killed by an immortal child and she still feels the loss. The Volturi decide destroy the Cullens for breaking a vampire law. To prove Renesmee is not an immortal child, the Cullens gather foreign vampire covens to act as witnesses to her growing and other obvious things which show that she is not a vampire. A battle follows. Either the Cullens will all die, or Renesmee will carry on growing at a dangerous rate and could be in serious danger. Or neither…


About two thirds of me completely loved this film for tying off the saga in a more than satisfactory way, and for reuniting me with all my favourite film characters, and being to only one I’ve seen in the cinema, and being an incredibly experience with my best friends. There are a million reasons why I love it, and I think that it was incredible, nearly perfect.

Once I had just got out of the cinema I was raving about it and it felt like the most amazing film ever, but after thinking about it for a while I’ve realised that it has a few faults, which as much I would not like to write I think I should since this is a review.

My favourite Twilight film was the first one, because it felt really fresh and original. If the first one was perfect, the second was amazing and the third was very good. The last two, compared to the books, didn’t totally live up to my (admittedly very high) expectations, growing more unrealistically perfect as they went along.

I felt like, since it was the last film, which is a very important thing for a lot of people, the director and producer could have tried a bit harder with it. The second half of the book is incredible but I felt like the script left out some of the best lines and although the actors acted the characters as well as they could they might have been getting a bit tired of the role after filming the same character for years. I felt that in the first few films the actors were close to their characters in a personal way and had their own particular ways of acting them, but for some reason that stopped in this film. I enjoyed it so much in a weird nostalgic way and it put me through a total emotional rollercoaster of memories.

OK, now for the faults.


To start with there was no character interaction, as in previous films. Everyone stood around in twos or threes, either in their family or in their couples, looking only at each other and hardly ever at anyone else. The groups didn’t really seem to interact. SInce the covens had come from places all over the world to help them, I felt that the Cullens talked to them remarkably little, and also since Bella was a new addition to the family they seemed to ignore her a bit.

I didn’t like the way it shows an easy, privileged, rich life to all it’s fans, who will either want it or already have it and take it completely for granted. Everyone looked like a model as well, and I know that vampires are supposed to be perfect and beautiful, but why would you dress in high heels in the deep snow for what you thought was going to be a battle?

And in the book, Bella comes back from her first hunt covered in blood with her dress ripped, but in this movie her make up and hair are perfect and she only has one small slit up her dress which has obviously been hemmed. It just seems a bit fake. I don’t think she was animal enough as a newborn- I know that her power is self control, but even so. The only place where she looked enough like an animal was when she was tracking an unfortunate hiker.

When Bella met Renesmee, and also when she met Charlie for the first time since the wedding, she just looked really human. She didn’t look as though she was trying not to kill them or wanted to drink their blood- she just looked really at ease. Charlie’s reaction to Jacob turning into a werewolf and his daughter turning into a fantasy character too.. and the fact that he suddenly has a grand daughter who looks three moths old even though Bella’s only been away for one was nowhere near dramatic enough either… he acts as though it’s totally normal.

Renesmee was also a big problem. She was CGI- a younger child’s body with Mackenzie Foy’s face pasted on which looked super creepy and unlovable, up until it was all Mackenzie Foy. I was a bit disappointed when it came to that bit because Mackenzie Foy is a very talented actress but Renesmee is really shy and speaks only about four times in the whole movie. I liked the bit where it shows the height chart and Renesmee is getting bigger and bigger, but every version looked totally different and even had different colour hair. The seventeen-year-old Renesmee was a seventeen-year-old body with Mackenzie Foy’s face pasted on again, which looked SO out of place. It was literally like someone had forgotten to correct lots of mistakes. I wish there was more Mackenzie-Renesmee in the movie though.

I think that Bella is very dismissive of her baby, as in the book she is completely in love with her but in the film she hardly ever seems to want to see her. I was building up lots of ideas of what scenes that were in the book would be like but most of them were cut out, and when Bella meets Nessie for the first time she doesn’t even seem very surprised- more like acceptant, but not delighted as she was in the book.

I thought that the Jacob and Bella fight scene was really good though, and Kristen Stewart’s acting was very good at that moment. I was SERIOUSLY glad that they kept one of my favourite lines in though- “You named my baby after the LOCK NESS MONSTER?!”

I really DO NOT want to give away the twist at the end because it was the suspense and having honestly no idea what was going to happen that made it good so I won’t say… You can find out for yourself! I would just like to say that most of the theatre was gasping and/or in tears!

The arm wrestle was SO good as well! They missed Renesmee’s cute little laugh at the end though :(

My other favourite scene is when Nessie is catching snowflakes with Jake and Bella and gets seen by Irina. It is a really adorable scene, and then you see Irina and you wonder why she doesn’t come over to talk to Bella, and you know that the happy families thing isn’t going to go on for much longer. I also loved when the Cullens and Jacob were trying to teach Bella to be more human. There was an extra line that was really good. Alice: Good. Jacob: For a cartoon character!

I LOVED Edward’s face when Bella is stronger than him!!!

I thought that the film started too quickly as well. The opening credits were beautiful, using photos of the reservation and the woods, as well as more abstract photos of snowflakes. They were really slow, with all the names of the actors in red or white, using the Twilight colour scheme. They were really beautiful, and I think that’s when I knew that the film was going to be amazing!

I did think that after the slow credits the film just went straight to the action, without doing a ‘Previously’ or a recap. Admittedly it’s probably only big Twilight fans who are going to see it, but if someone else does then they are going to have NO CLUE what is going on. Obviously I knew the story really well so I had no problems, but I explained it to my mum before hand and she still got confused. It is really the kind of film where you have to have at least watched Part One before. I loved the bit when Bella saw all the fibres in everything as she looked around with her new vampire eyesight, but that could have been longer too. I also liked how they did Bella’s shield, as it wasn’t like a cartoon transparent dome, just a subtle disturbance in the air.

The soundtrack was undeniably good, with one song by a cast member (Nikki Reed- Rosalie), a part two to the much loved ‘A Thousand Years’ and new songs from famous artists like Green Day and Ellie Goulding. Carter Burwell has written another beautiful score too.

I loved the recap at the end where Bella managed to push away her shield so that Edward can see her memories… it was the perfect finish.

I think that the film had too much to live up to and considering all the pressure, what came out at the end was REALLY good, despite missed favourite scenes from the book like Jake getting food in Rose’s hair and all the rubbish blonde jokes (I know that that was in the FIRST half of the book, not the second)… things like that would have brought it together.

There are many other good things about this film, which you will find out if you watch it. For Twilight fans, it is unmissable. For people who just want to see it for interest, read this review and then see what you think. Bear in mind that this is from someone who loves Twilight but has reviewed it fairly! Sorry that everything is all jumbled up and out of order… I just let the thoughts flow and was going to edit it at the end but by then it was too long!

Genre: Fantasy / romance / action

Estimated watching age: Twelve and up

Director: Bill Condon

Rating: ★★★★