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Georgia’s father is travelling around Europe, and she’s always excited when she gets a postcard from him, but soon she realises that something isn’t quite right. In every picture he send her, a shadowy figure looms in the background. Internet research leads her to believe that is an alp (a trickster spirit) and that it is following her father. So when he announces that he is coming home, she knows that the shadow will be with him. And there seems to be no way to stop it.

I really liked this episode, especially the twist bits, like when Georgia wakes up from a nightmare to see some freaky dolls, and then it turns out that that’s a nightmare as well. I like the scenes with Mailman Tim as well, but the red eyes that were pasted onto people’s faces were really unrealistic and the shadow wasn’t actually that scary until the last bit… when it was. Normally the Haunting Hour is a lot scarier so I was a bit disappointed, because I’m too chicken to watch The Hole or The Apparition so I have to make do with this. It is normally REALLY good, and this time I felt like the plot hadn’t been thought through too much, and the only good actor in it was Mackenzie Foy- all the rest looked like they were acting in a pantomime.

All the same I would recommend it if you want to watch something with your siblings or your family… and also this is a good episode for me to watch at sleepovers with my friends, since they are nearly all terrified of dolls and clowns so it is too scary for them. To be honest I’m scared of them too, but I enjoy the Haunting Hour so much that I don’t care!


Genre: Realistic / fantasy / horror

Director: Ken Friss

Estimated watching age: Well… it does say seven and up but I was really scared so I would say nine and up.

Amazon price: Not on Amazon

Names of the people who play the main characters: Mackenzie Foy, Kurt Evans, Chris Gauthier, Johannah Newmarh

Rating: ★★★ Really good… ended at a good cliffhanger and some good ideas but not as scary as other Haunting Hours and the red eyes looked SO fake.