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This is the blurb for the book, which I found on the Small Blue Thing official website:

What would you do if you were able to speak to a ghost?

And what if you found yourself drawn to him like a magnet…

After meeting Callum in St Paul’s Cathedral, Alex realises that her mysterious new bracelet can somehow help her see ghosts. She can see Callum, she can talk to him and she can fall head-over-heels in love with him…

Callum is everything the boys at school are not – kind, attentive and romantic – but he’s trapped in limbo with no hope of escape. What future does their relationship have?

And who is Catherine? What is she trying to tell Alex about Callum, and about the secrets that he is keeping from her?

And what are the other secrets he hides from her?

I know that a book trailer doesn’t reflect on the actual book in any way, but if you are undesisve about a book you might want to read and decide to watch the trailer, it needs to draw you in. I watched the trailer after reading the book and hated it. The narrator’s voice didn’t fit at all with the storyline of the book and you never saw the faces of the people chosen to be Alex and Callum (not necessarily a bad thing), but the actor’s voices were completely emotionless as well. The trailer seemed to focus on the romance element of the story and not on the bit which initially drew me in, which was the whole drowning-people ghost-story thing. I also thought that the blurb was really bad.

I thought this book could have been amazing but that too much romance completely ruined it. The writing was quite good in most places but the romantic bits completely mirrored those of Twilight in a less convincing way. I did think that the idea of the Dirges was really good, and without the supernatural romance and with some more care taken over the description of the Dirges (ghost people who drowned in the river) and where they lived it could have been a spine-chilling ghost story. I thought that the head of the Dirges could have been a lot more menacing and a lot less kind, because he was more like an indulgent father figure than a leader, and that wrecked the spooky image I had of where they lived.

I would not read the sequel, purely because I think that it would be exactly the same as the first book. I actually did read a bit of it that was at the back of the first book and it seemed quite good, but even so I would not read itl because I think that a book like Small Blue Thing should not be the first of a series that has the potential to go on and on in the same way.

If you like romance or this particular genre of young adult books then I would read this book. I know that lots of other people enjoy it so this is just my view, but I think that my age is the kind of age it is aimed at, and the book did not appeal to me.

Genre: Supernatural romance

Official website:

Estimated reading age: Eleven and up

Price on Amazon: Paperback £4.89, Kindle edition £4.65.

Author: S C Ransom

Main characters: Alex, Grace, Catherine and Callum

YouTube videos on the subject:

Rating: ★★ Good ideas and good writing, but I would never have bought the book if I’d realised that the romance that was casually mentioned in the blurb was going to take over the whole story.