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The front coverThe Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner- an Eclipse Novellaby Stephenie Meyer is the point of view of a newborn vampire created by Riley Biers, a normal man in a normal town until he was drawn into a feud between Edward Cullen and Victoria, two other vampires. It’s set at the same time as the book Eclipse, part of the Twilight Saga.

Victoria seeks revenge on her husband James, who was killed by Edward and the rest of the Olympian Coven in an effort to protect Bella Swan, a human who Edward loves. She changes Riley into a vampire and takes him to Seattle to try to build up an army to kill Bella, knowing that Edward loves her and will be heartbroken if she dies, just as she is over James.

She knows how experienced the Cullens are, and that they are allies with werewolves, who are mortal foes of vampires, and realises she won’t be able to do it on her own. Victoria also knows that Alice Cullen, Edward’s sister, can see the future and monitors it by watching people’s decisions, and so will know about the army if she makes any decisions herself. Because of this she leaves it all to Riley. The army ravage Seattle, killing in huge numbers and causing havoc, unable to control their thirst for blood. Bree befriends Diego, a vampire who, like her, really does not want to be amongst all the killing. They start to enjoy their time in Seattle, exploring and finding things out about vampires which they didn’t know before. But when they have enough numbers, Riley and Victoria take them to Forks, Washington, to attack the Cullens.

Unfortunately for Bree and the rest, the Cullens and Bella work out that they’re coming and build up enough forces to stop them. The Cullens and the werewolf pack manage to kill them all apart from Bree, who they spare because she surrenders. But then the Volturi, the vampire equivalent of royalty, step in and things start looking bad for Bree…

I like this book because it’s really interesting to see another perspective on the Eclipse. Because Eclipse and the rest of the series is told from Bella’s point of view you don’t really get any sense of what it’s like beyond her safe world and what the vampires are really feeling.

Most of the series is about how much Bella wants to be a vampire and how perfect the vampires she knows are but I like the idea that there might be more to it than immortality and godlike beauty.

When I was reading the Twilight Saga I found most it very believable. I think it’s an amazing book and it is definitely one of my favourites. Sometimes though, because everything’s so perfect for Bella, it’s obvious it’s a work of someone’s imagination. In Bree’s world it’s different and there’s a lot more depth to the characters because of it. It tells you how Bree and the rest of the newborn vampires are feeling- confused, aggressive and above all, very thirsty!

Bree herself is kind and very easy to empathise with- she gives you the real feeling of the dark streets, being afraid even of the people closest to you, not comprehending anything that was happening to you, not even being able to dream about your old life because it in itself was just as bad.

If you’ve read Eclipse before it, you’ll know Bree’s fate. But even knowing what’s going to happen to her doesn’t make the book feel pointless. It just makes you savour it more because you know it’s only going to last so long.

Genre: Fantasy romance

Estimated reading age: 10 and up

Price on Amazon: £3.89 for paperback, £4.49 for Kindle edition

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Main characters: Bree Tanner, Diego, Riley Biers

The only part of Eclipse where Bree features- WARNING: SPOILER!!!

Rating: ★★★★ Definitely not the best in the Twilight Saga but still absolutely amazing… I loved it so much that I just wish it was a bit longer.